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Wakeboard World Championship 03/05/11

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On this weekend, at a club called Serra da Moeda, on Lagoa dos Ingleses, there will happen the Wakeboard World Championship. This Campionship it will be divides beetween 3 days: friday, saturday and sunday. All the three days, will have a part of  the Campionship and a big party in the end of the afternoon.

For the ones who don’t know what is wakeboard, look the photos.

If you are interested, you still have time to buy it. For informations call : 225-4400 ( Ragga)


Bin Laden’s death 03/05/11

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Do you believe that Bin Laden is dead?

I think this terrorist is not dead.  According to facts that newspapers and TV have shown us, no evidence was found. In my opinion Americans arrested Bin Laden and are holding him some place.  They are saying that he is dead, just to give a good impression to the American people.

If he is really dead, what is going to change in the Terrorism World?  It doesn’t matter if the king of terrorists is dead, for sure,  many others exist and they will probally take revange.

What about you?   What’s your opinion about Bin Laden’s death?


Is it prejudice or just different cultures? 03/05/11

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In Holland it is legallized the marriage of people with  same sex.

I think it’s ok, man marrying man and woman marrying woman. For me, it is not something that is so strange. On the other hand, for my aunt it’s strange, but acceptable. But for my grandmother’s mind,  it is very different, strange, and unacceptable. What’s your opinion about this ? Do you think it’s normal ?

Why there are people who accept it and the ones who don’t ? I think this have been happening because people have many pint of views. Acctually, things are more flexible, but 50 years ago, for example, parents couldn’t even think about the possibilite of their sons becoming gays. To my mind, the different cultures of any coutry, influences, and a lot, in the points of view about something. Or, this different way of thinking can be prejudice too, that is every where.


what do you think about Euthanasia ?

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   For the ones who don’t know, Euthanasia is when the patient’s life is manteined by machines and when these machines are turned off.

   Do you agree with this action ?

   Due to a text that I read, Euthanasia is a legallized action in Holland. When people usually have brain death, and other sickness that can’t have any improvement.

   I think the patient’s relatives should decide for the victim besides turning off the equipaments or continue with the machines on. Because the patient can be unconscious,  having illusions, or even wishing to die. And that’s a very delicated action that the family have to think over.


Today’s fashion 03/05/11

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Actually, the fashion is everywhere. In clothes, shoes, sandals, and many other things.The types of  nails have been representanting a very fancy way. Different colors, models and even prints (like the picture) are essential in a women’s hand nowadays.

  Particularly, I don’t like very much different prints and very bright colors, but I am getting used to follow   this new style.This is women’s lives. We have to be fashionable !


Mc Donald’s 03/05/11

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Do you now why do people like so much to eat Mc Donald’s foods ?

There are the ones who say that their hamburgers are without taste, or it’s not delicious but it’s good. On the other hand  there are the ones who say that it’s the best food in the holl world.and the ice cream of Mc Donald’s !!

According to a documentary that I wacthed, named Super Size Me, in each 5 people, 2 of them enter in a Mc Donald’s store in the USA. Is it common, just in the United States, or here in Brazil too ?

I, particulary, love the hamburguer, the frech fries and the ice cream of Mc.

Kisses !! 🙂


News about Choco 03/05/11

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Isn't him cute ??

Hey guys !

I don’t know with you remeber about that puppy that I would get ! But I got him, and tomorrow he will complete 41 days. My sister and I, got him on last Friday. He is getting used to the rules… For example: to poop and pee in the write place, where does he sleep… and other things.

Yesterday, 23 of March,  he started growling to me, and then I put him grounded. After one minute, he started, crying and barking !  We let him there, to learn the write and wrong. So, after a couple minutes, he stoped and, I went there and congradulate him.

And I can’t forget that, he took a shower yesterday moorning. Actually, I gave him a bath!  He coudn’t stay even five minutes ! So I respected him, and finished the bath time. He smelled very, very good ! Can you believe that, I brush his teeth, his eyes, and even his bootie !? Hahaha

He is eating, and playing very well, and is very happy ! I think !

I'm so funny ...

zzz ...


 Soon I will give you more news, alright ?

So, see you later !!

Good night !